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Our Journey at Hudson River Air Dogs

We at Hudson River Air Dogs are a group of people who love the sport, our families, and our dogs. In 2015 a group of passionate dock diving families got together to form a new club. When it came to choosing an organization to be affiliated with, Ultimate Air Dogs was the clear choice. With the help of Milt Wilcox, and the generous spirit of so many, we were able to begin. We are a 501c7- Not-for-Profit organization. We have a dock and pool set up so members can enjoy practicing, and competing, while keeping it as affordable as possible.

We warmly invite you to join our growing family of Hudson River Air Dogs


Our pool is open to rent to our active members in good standing.  Our pool is NOT open to the general public to rent.   If you are interested in joining please see our Become a Member  page for your options.

As a completely volunteer based organization, our club does not offer lessons.  We simply do not have "staff" to offer paid lessons.  We do have open dock twice a month for members, where we hold member workshops and where you can get assistance from more seasoned members.

A splash is our distance game. See Games We Play for more information about each of the games we play.

  Yes!  You do not need to be an HRAD member to register for events.  

YES-  Events are open to all dogs. If you think your dog will jump, come and join us. If time permits, you may sign up and pay to try jumping with your dog between our splashes. 

If you want our volunteers to help you teach your dog, check out our “Try-IT” sessions .

  Absolutely, we love spectators and so do our dogs. We suggest bringing a chair with you.

  No, it is free to come and watch. We happily welcome anyone who wants to stop in and watch the dogs.

There is no charge for food. HRAD has a great pot luck at every event. We provide burgers and hot dogs, drinks, and our participants all add to the potluck. We invite you to join us. 

No. Hudson River Air Dogs is a family friendly, drug and alcohol free facility. 

Financial Statements

Our financial statements are available for download.