Games We Play

Event Games


Distance jumping is the main feature of our events. Dogs run down a dock and fly into a competition pool, with the distance judged from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail where it enters the water.


In Fetch-It, a bumper is suspended 4ft off the water, starting at a minimum distance of 10ft out. The dog must knock the bumper off within 2 tries in order to move to the next level. The bumper is moved out at 1ft increments and the dogs take turns going for the FETCH! A dog stays in the competition until it either misses twice in one level, or 3 times in total. The dog that knocks the bumper off at the furthest distance with the least amount of misses wins.


Dogs make a standing jump off the dock, swim to the 35ft mark in this timed race, with two chances for their best time, guided by two handlers.


Catch-It is like a Splash, with a major twist. If the dog makes the catch, two distances are recorded: where the dog makes the catch, and where the dogs tail lands in the water. Each dog gets 2 back-to-back chances to make their best catch. The distances are then added together for the score. Not only is it an added challenge for the dog to catch the toy while in mid-air, it also requires intense concentration, spot-on timing, and strategy from the handler. Catch-It is played by the most highly skilled teams. It is extremely fun to watch, and highly addicting!

HRAD Divisions


Novice: up to 9’11’

Junior: 10′ – 12’5″

Junior Elite: 12’6″ – 14’11”

Senior: 15′ – 17’5″

Senior Elite: 17’6″ – 19’11”

Master: 20′- 22’5″

Master Elite: 22’6″ – 24′

Ultimate: 24’1″ -26′

Ultimate Elite: 26’1″- 28’5″

Extreme: 28’6″-29’11”

Extreme Elite: 30′- +


Master Elite 10′-16′

Ultimate 17′ and up


Master: 8.00 sec and up

Master Elite: 7.00 -7.99 sec

Ultimate: 6.00 – 6.99 sec

Ultimate Elite: up to 5.99 sec


Master: 10-54.11

Master Elite: 55-69.11

Ultimate: 70-79.11

Ultimate Elite: 80-up