Volunteering at our events


We're always happy to have people help our events run smoothly.  Below you'll see the different ways you can chose to help out.  No experience necessary!

Friday Night Set up

On Friday the Friday evening before our events we alway need help setting up.  Some of the things we need done include

  1. Setting up parking lot ropes and signs
  2. Setting up our HRAD cafe tent.
  3. Setting up our weekend raffles.
  4. Getting trash cans ready for the weekend.  
  5. Setting up shade tents for spectators and judges

Set up begins at 5pm 

During our Events

Our events can be extremely busy.  We need a team of people to keep them running as smooth as possible. Some of the things we need help with include

  1. Fetch it-Team - We need 2 people to help load and position the fetch it rig   We need a third person to be a bumper runner
  2. Chase-it Team - We need 2 people to do toy handling for Chase-IT. One person needs to handle throwing the chase toy, and the other for getting the "switch" toy to give when the dog gets to the end of the pool.
  3. Dock Help (between events) - Keep the practice line moving by reminding people to stick to 2 jumps only. If someone needs assistance holding a dog on the dock, maybe you can help out that way as well. If a Try-IT person is at the gate, call some other members over to assist with the Try-IT.
  4. Pot Luck Organizer - Keep a close eye on the food table during the event. Keep the coolers filled with drinks and out of the sun. See if anything is needed which may have been forgotten or ran out (tell someone and we'll fix it).
  5. Cook - We could REALLY use 2 people to volunteer to help cook during the event. We ask for 2 people so they can trade off and not be stuck there for too long. Work with the pot-luck organizer to make sure things run smooth.
  6. Merchandise/ Raffle - Help watch the merchandise and raffle area during the event. It's actually easy once you talk to Sharon Bender about it. And you can always lean on the Registration Secretary for some help as well.
    Judges/Secretaries (requires additional training)  We are alway looking to train new and willing people to help judge and run our event software.  Judges and secretaries will receive 50% off there entry fees for the events they volunteer at.

Event Tear Down

We could use a LOT of help to quickly shut down the event after its over. Please consider planning this time into your schedule

  1. Clean up pot-luck area, including finding a home for food which is still good, tubs with supplies go under dock
  2. Pack up HRAD Cafe 20x10 tent, bundling the beams and folding the top up.
  3. Pack up all folding tables and tents, and store in hed.
  4. Pick up all trash (including dog poop bucket contents which go all in one bag, in the dumpster, closed)
  5. Skim the pool, and double check the grounds for trash/waste
  6. Pick up all parking lot signs and roll up parking lot ropes.  Collect rope stakes