Games we play



Distance jumping is the main feature of our events.  Dogs run down a dock and fly into a 40' pool (or lake), with the distance judged from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail where it enters the water. 



Catch-It is a new twist on the Ultimate Distance game (Splash). The dog MUST catch the object thrown for the jump to count. The score is a combination of the distances at which the dog catches the toy, and where the dog lands in the pool. This is the ultimate test of dog and handler since you need to really know your dog to throw in a way which allows him to catch with distance.



Chase-It is a timed swimming race. Chase-It is another Ultimate Air Dogs exclusive, that really gets the crowds cheering for the dogs!  This event begins with your dog doing a standing jump from the end of the dock, into the pool. Then its a fast swim to the finish line!



Fetch-It  is the horizontal version of a sport called "vertical”. In Fetch-It, a bumper is suspended 4ft off the water, and starting at a minimum distance of 10ft out, the dog must knock the bumper out of its hold within two trys in order to move to the next level.